Learn How to make Japanese Dessert

Dessert can be anything varying from ice cream to fancy cakes and puddings. But the dessert recipes we look forward to is a simple dessert recipe, which is obviously easy to make and finger licking good to eat.

The best thing about them is that they are perfect for all occasions. You can prepare a simple dessert recipe to greet guests or offer them after a full course meal and allow them to remember the great party in a sweet way with a special sweet dish.

Flan is a popular dessert. It is a caramel custard. It is easy to make and consists of vanilla flavoured custard.  If you want to learn Japanese Style Dessert course, visit The V School website. 

Japanese Pudding (Purin) | Asian Inspirations

The elegant, vanilla-infused custard with a sweet caramel top layer is really the main dessert to finish off the meal. This simple creamy custard dessert serves as the best part of the meal and is a favourite among those who have a sweet tooth.

Flan is a slow cooked dish and is usually made with whole eggs, cream or milk with a layer of caramel and customised flavourings that includes vanilla, almond, pistachio, lemon, pumpkin and various other fruits. 

The key success of any recipe is to follow exact and precise measurement and attention to all details as in the case of flan.