Root Canal Procedure Explained

Dentists recommend root canal procedures to save infected or severely damaged teeth. Root canals prevent the need to remove teeth. It seems that no one wants to lose their teeth. It is expensive to get a replacement. The dentists will focus on the affected tissues when performing a root canal procedure. In dentistry, the pulp is commonly referred to by dentists as the tissues. All infected pulp will be removed by the dentists. 

Pulp infection results from a cracked tooth or deep cavity. Because of the cracks and deep cavity, bacteria can reach the nerve. The pulp can be affected if you repeat the same treatment for a tooth. It is important to treat the tooth immediately. This will stop the infection spreading to other teeth. Patients can rest assured that safe procedures are possible with the help of qualified dentists.

What to expect during root canal treatments

Consult your dentist before you decide to have root canal treatment. Dental experts should examine the affected tooth. The results of the dental experts will help you decide if treatment is necessary. These are the steps that the dentist will take during the procedure.

X-Ray- First, take an X-Ray to determine the extent of the infection. The X-Ray shows the exact location of the affected tooth. Normal eyes cannot detect decay. The dentist will be able to see the extent of the decay by taking an image. The dentist can use the image to determine the best way to treat the decay.