Single Dental Implant Process

This article covers information about single dental implants and measures for positioning the single dental implant for a missing tooth. 

You need to visit a dental implants specialist at to make the treatment work. When a dentist has to place dental implants in the jaw he/she may use conscious sedation for the positioning of the dental implant in the place of the single lost tooth by using local anesthesia. 

A tiny incision is made in the tissue covering the bone at one missing tooth along with an osteotomy if needed. If a patient needs an osteotomy a hole is created before the placement of an implant. 

The dental implant is under the teeth and can't be seen. An abutment is screwed in the dental implant. The abutment stipulates the transition out of the dental implant underneath the gums into a tooth over the gums. 


Impressions are taken of the abutment and they're sent to a dental lab. In around three weeks they are sent back to the clinic. You finally have a brand new tooth that appears, works, and feels exactly like a natural tooth.

Dental implants work as the replacement of missing teeth. All those who have single missing teeth can get dental implants that work as an outstanding replacement solution that may help prevent future issues.