Thank you Cards can Boost Loyalty

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A business flourishes when it gains customers (or clients). And as a company offering any service/product, you should express your gratitude towards your buyers to enable you to stay afloat. Besides, you can also send appreciation cards to your employees for putting in their efforts. Here are some occasions you can choose to send thank you notes to the respective parties.

  • For New Business: When a customer buys purchases a new product, you can add a gratitude note. You can put in some quick text expressing your thankfulness towards the customer stopping at your place and giving business. Or you can add some custom details regarding the specific product, telling how it could be special.
  • For Referral: When a customer spreads words about your business and attracts new buyers for you, that one deserves to receive a gratitude note.
  • For Being Hired: This one belongs to the service department. When being chosen by someone as a service provider, send them a note thanking and reminding them that you will always be there. Adding quick contact details can attract repeat business.
  • For Ongoing Work: After the first service, if someone signs a long-term contract, it’s another opportunity to create a better relationship.
  • For Testimonial: How the present customers feel about a brand makes a lot of difference. And your thanking note for those who care to leave a review can turn lucrative later.
  • For Great Work: Send a thank you card to your employee for doing a great job. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and such cards help improve morale along the way.

Whatever the occasion be, you need to make sure you are sending a quality print to the recipient. For that, you should find reputable Brisbane printers to do the job.

Professional Service to Meet Catalogue Printing Needs

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A catalog is an important marketing tool that has continued to be popular for a very long time. In fact, its popularity shows no signs of waning and seems to be irreplaceable even in the technologically advanced age today. It is used across industries as a medium to showcase products and services in the most presentable manner that appeals to the customer base. It is the moment when a prospective customer gets a feeling of your products and offerings for the first time. So, you cannot afford to lose this chance (of impressing your potential customer) by handing over a badly designed catalog in their hands.

In the earlier days, using catalogs as a marketing tool was restricted only to the product based businesses. However, with the gradual growth in service industries, like hospitality, tourism, etc., the use of catalogs can be seen even in service-based sectors. It is also interesting to note that the appeal of catalogs may vary from one industry to the other. It may range from looking grounded and somber for a pharmaceutical firm to looking jazzy and loud for an event management company.

One of the significant factors that drive the design of a catalog is the branding specifications. You may find a shade of red is apparent in one of the catalogs while the other catalog looks monochromatic. It is simply because different brands have different design specifications and the printers should follow these guidelines quire religiously. In case you are looking for printers in Capalaba, make them have a team that fully understands your design specifications and your vision for the catalogs or brochures.