Tips For Marketing For Bakery

There are a few bakeries that are found on the streets of Australia. If you wish your bakery to be number one, you need to make an extra effort. Here are some simple ideas and tips, as told by Daviesbakery, a popular bakery in Australia, on how you can take your tasty creations and put them to work for you.

Start a marketing plan

What is the marketing plan? A marketing plan is basically a document detailing the steps to achieve your marketing goals. Part of this plan should talk about such things – competition, social media, and advertising joined with local and regional organizations, building a website and so on.

Write a press release

This is where it really matters. Every day on the Internet, a press release sent by the thousands, so you can imagine, except the title or opening statement had the "wow" factor, will probably waste.


Groupon and Facebook have taken simple but effective and create new ideas again. Coupons can be sent via coupon companies or your local newspaper. Hey, why not even post them on your website, Facebook page or send them to your followers at Twitter.

Invite people to taste

Everyone wants free food, especially when it's delicious baked goods. Leave out the local paper and invite them to taste for free.