Tips for the Perfect Roast Chicken Dinner

A traditional family roast is a great way to gather everyone together and enjoy a good chinwag while enjoying delicious food. Bad roasts will make everyone want to go to bed. So what are the secrets of a great roast?

Two basic ingredients are essential for a good roast. The potatoes and the meat that you are roasting. Everything else will fall into place if you get these right. You can also search online for delicious roast chicken dinner via

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Perfect Roast Chicken

Because you can achieve amazing results with very little effort, chicken is your favorite roasting meat.

Begin by salting and peppering the chicken from the inside and outside. For best results, do this the night or morning before roasting. Cover the chicken with a towel and place it in the refrigerator. When boiling the potatoes, add a lemon to make roast spuds. 

After draining them, use a fork to stab the lemon several times. Then, stuff the lemon into the chicken's cavity. Make a small incision at the neck to separate the chicken's skin. Make a small incision so your fingers can reach the chicken's neck. 

Next, start to peel off the skin. You don't have to remove the entire skin. Instead, place some butter slabs and rosemary sprigs under it. This butter will melt as the chicken heats and will allow the meat to sizzle nicely without losing any of its juices. Cover the chicken with tin foil for the last 15-20 minutes. This will prevent the chicken from rising too high.